Electrical Problems You Shouldn’t Resolve By Yourself

man fixing electrical outlet

Heating, cooling, ironing, washing, phone-charging, and the list goes on; without electricity, we won’t be able to do any of these things. And we will literally be left in the dark. But that doesn’t mean we should abuse the availability of power at our homes. Otherwise, it would lead to serious electrical issues.

The most common electrical failures include flickering lights, sparks, and electric shocks. If you are knowledgeable about electricity and the electrical structure of your home, you may solve these problems on your own, but with caution. However, as a plumbing company in Woodbridge, VA that also specializes in electrical maintenance, we suggest that you call a professional for problems such as the following:

Burning Odor

While burning odor is not the problem itself, it’s solid proof that something is wrong with your home’s electrical setup. The smell may come from many things that require an electrical source to power up. These may include an electric furnace, heating and cooling units, light fixtures, outlets, and home appliances.

The odor may be caused by the overheating of electrical wires or devices. For instance, using a bulb that exceeds the recommended wattage may result in a burning smell. If you’ve already replaced the bulb, but the odor persists, it may be an issue of loose electrical connection. In any case, let a professional handle this, so you don’t have to waste precious time trying to figure out where the smell comes from. This way, you prevent a possible electrical fire.

Hot Outlets or Switch Plates

Yes, appliances like toasters become hot when in use, but their plugs shouldn’t. If the switch plate is getting warm, try to plug the appliance to another outlet. If the same problem occurs, consult a licensed electrician. One reason switch plates heat up is faulty wiring. If the current flows through loose or broken wires (which create smaller paths), it will result in heating. This can lead to a fire.

Frequent Tripping

A circuit breaker is designed to protect the entire electrical power system from overloading. When too much electricity flows through it, it shuts down – this is known as tripping, which prevents a fire risk.

If the circuit breaker trips once, you can simply reset the switches on the panel. But if it happens often, there may be some serious problems. For instance, your appliances may be exceeding the maximum amperage. Or your electrical panel is outdated. If this is the case, an electrician should replace the panel or update the wirings at home.

Unusually High Electricity Bill

There are many reasons your electric bill may be high. The most obvious reason is the overuse of appliances. But there could also be an underlying issue in an unusually high electric bill: electrical damage.

Faulty wiring can increase electricity usage because it can cause appliances to heat up. That means appliances use extra electricity. Your electric meter could also be broken. You can usually identify a broken meter by checking if the numbers continue to move even after you’ve turned off your appliances. Avoid safety hazards and shelling out a lot of money for wasted energy by calling a professional.

Why You Shouldn’t Do Everything on Your Own

At first, you may see electric problems easy to fix. But it’s a lot more complicated. Doing so can put you at risk of electrical shocks or serious electrocution, especially if you’re not wearing protective equipment or following safety standards. You may also be putting your property at risk of electric fire if you fail to solve the problem.

There are serious consequences for faulty wiring. It can hurt people at home or start a fire. That is why you shouldn’t put off electrical repairs or replacements. Immediately call licensed electricians at the first sign of a problem, whether it be a burning smell or hot switch plates.

If you need help with your wiring, we are here for you. Call us any time of the day or night, so we can resolve your problems.

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