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1 Stop Mechanical has been serving residential, commercial, and government clients for over 20 years in the DMV Metro area. Our company is proudly located in Woodbridge, Virginia and we're the company to call for plumbing, HVAC, and Control & Energy Management Systems.


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The typical homeowner would be shocked at how prevalent the residential plumbing systems are in every room of their home. Even on the outside surrounding area, plumbing pipes are running throughout the property.

So why is it so difficult to locate a professional plumber for your repair needs? Many repair companies charge too high of pricing, while others simply remain unavailable.
Unfortunately, many types of plumbing issues are not something that can remain ignored. As time goes on, the crack, leak, and dripping worsen until you’re forced to replace the component altogether.

Rather than wasting hours locating plumbing service, 1 Stop Mechanical remains the convenient option for more residents. We provide comprehensive repair solutions at affordable pricing 24-hours every day.
Whether your plumbing service needs are a minor inconvenience or a complete emergency, our team provides the best repairs, replacements, and installations. For over 25 years, no one compares to the quality of service or finished fixes as our team does on every call.

See why more Woodbridge VA homeowners trust their plumbing services to us and save more on quality repairs. When you hire us, you’re choosing the best in experienced plumbing contractors.

Prompt. Reliable. And with decades of experience. Expect only the best work from our plumbers in Woodbridge. Call us today and get a free estimate.


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Plumber fixing a water faucet


No matter what zoning your building falls under or your exact repair needs, our team always has the best solution for any situation. Whether you need us for your home, your business, or anywhere else, we still have the best services available for you.

How many times have you discovered water spraying out of a fixture, only to learn that your plumber or plumbing company is booked out two weeks in advance? Instead, we respond to every call as quickly as possible, 24-hours every day.

We know how frustrating it is to have massive spikes in water bills all because no one has time to help you out. Our team of experienced plumbing experts can handle your repairs quickly without the hassle.

When you need faster response times and affordable pricing, look no further than us. We always have your best solution possible for:

Our technicians offer more repairs for less each day, allowing us to assist more area residents than any other company around. Whenever you run into maintenance problems, we are always the best choice for you.

Call today and save more on quality repairs for any broken items that aren’t working how they should. Instead, we can provide the faster, more affordable repair service every day.


Whenever you find leaks in your home, it always feels next to impossible for someone to take your call seriously. Many home plumbing services don’t think that a clogged toilet or ruptured hose bib is that important of an issue.

However, we understand that if it happens to your home, then it’s important to you. Because of that, we do our best to arrive as quickly as we can with an affordable repair that will last.

Other plumbers may try and upsell you on unnecessary features and replacements because they’re easier than a patch or repair. However, that also means that they are putting themselves first before your needs.

Instead, our technicians know that you deserve quality repairs without negotiations. When your simple fix turns into a haggling match, you know you didn’t call the right company for your home.

Our team comes prepared with everything that they need for a successful fix. That means no waiting for hours for us to show up and speedier corrections on any component.

1 Stop Mechanical guarantees the best repairs and the lowest pricing for your exact needs.

As a family-owned and operated plumbing company in Woodbridge, we’re committed to getting the job done right, the first time around. Call us today, and we’ll get your plumbing issues fixed.


Both consumers and business owners expect a company to remain operational virtually all day, every day. However, something as minor as a clogged drain or grease trap can force you to close until it gets corrected.

Unfortunately, commercial plumbing contractors simply charge too much for everyday repair needs. Whether your plumbing systems require annual maintenance services, or you have an issue late at night, our team remains the best choice for your business.

Why should you remain forced to wait around for someone to finally find an open time slot to squeeze in your job? Instead, we offer 24-hour service for any repair need.

Our plumbers understand that you have many people looking to you for answers. Because your business can’t afford to wait for help, we always have a quick, practical solution for affordable pricing.

There’s no reason why you can’t continue helping your customers, clients, and employees all because of a problem with your building’s plumbing. When you need help now for your leaks, clogs, and broken fixtures, we will have someone available to best support you.

Better commercial plumbing repairs are closer than you might think. Our plumbing service in Woodbridge is just a phone call away.

Don’t wait for leaks, clogs, and defective fixtures affect your business. Call us today, and enjoy the best in local commercial plumbing services with prompt responses and lower rates.


Hydro-jetting is the process of using high-velocity water to forcefully remove years of built-up grease, sand, silt, and scale build-up on the interior of your drain.

At 4,000 psi, hydro-jetting is a strong enough solution for both commercial and residential buildings. It's recommended that restaurants and other commercial businesses have their drains cleaned at least once every year. Depending on the use of your drains, every 6 months may be more appropriate.

The high-pressure stream of water will flush out any stubborn blockages and scour the entire pipe length, flushing away debris and clearing the line.

Hydro-jetting is the most effective way of clearing blocked pipes without damaging surrounding areas or foundations. The only more effective alternative is replacing the pipes completely.

We strive for shorter response times and finished replacements, all at the most affordable pricing possible. Don’t let a sewer line problem cost you thousands of dollars down the line. Call us today for a professional hydro-jetting service.

You can trust the plumbing professionals at 1 Stop Mechanical for all of your jetting and drain needs, residential and commercial.


Of all the aspects of your plumbing that can go wrong, the last one that you want to see is problems with your sewer lines. Not only are these problems a mess, but it leaves your home at risk.

When your sewer lines rupture, crack, or are completely blocked, it forces the smell back through your home’s drains. Or, in more severe cases, you may have raw sewage coming back up through pipes.

If the smell wasn’t bad enough, the odor also means that you’re breathing in harmful bacteria. Having issues with your sewer lines suggest that you and your family remain at risk for health hazards.

When you need sewer line repairs now, you can’t wait around for a service provider to finally arrive. Unfortunately, most providers exclusively work on sewer lines, making them challenging to hire and expensive in the end.

Instead, our team provides affordable sewer line repairs and faster response times. When you need to know that your family is in good hands, let us repair all your problems today.

You deserve a repair service that keeps your best interests at heart. For the best choice in local plumbing solutions, you can always depend on us to get things done right.

Our plumbers in Woodbridge take pride in quality work. We are prompt, reliable, and experienced. Call us today and prevent sewer line damage from turning into a health hazard.


Many of us assume that when there is an issue with our utilities, the municipal service provider will be the one to pay for the replacements. However, that may not always be the case.

Or, if they do agree to pay for the replacement service, they may place the burden of hiring a company to handle it on you. Who can you turn to for prompt responses and expert repair quality?

Since 1990, our team has provided the best in complete plumbing repairs throughout the greater Woodbridge area. Even with the more complicated aspects of repair options, our company remains the trusted choice for you.

Sewer line replacement often involves heavy equipment and torn up streets. We do our best to prevent our repairs from interrupting your hectic life, and we guarantee the fastest finishes possible.

Other Woodbridge plumbing companies may drag your job out over the course of weeks, leaving your home without running water or functioning fixtures. We understand how necessary it is for you to get your life back in order as soon as you can.

We strive for shorter response times and finished replacements, all at the most affordable pricing possible. Don’t let a sewer line problem cost you thousands of dollars down the line. Call us today for your best sewer line replacements and save more.


Your heating and cooling components require an expert repair contractor to ensure that they continue working for as long as possible. Unfortunately, much of the expense of HVAC problems is the repair costs and fees.

In some cases, the cost of your repair is more than what you would pay for a new replacement unit. When many companies want to charge you hundreds for replacing fan blades and motors, it’s enough to make you want to stop running your thermostat altogether.

However, we offer a solution that works out better for your home with affordable repair options. In addition to better plumbing and electrical repairs, we can help you with your HVAC units as well.

The right maintenance and repairs can keep compressors running for 15 years or longer. However, the typical homeowner won’t call for service unless they absolutely must.

Whether you need to know the current status of your equipment or you know that you need repairs, you can always call us for all your heating and cooling problems. Whether you wake up sweating in the middle of the night or just noticed that your systems aren’t working, we’re available 24-hours every day for your call.

Choose us for your heating and cooling issues and save a ton on dedicated HVAC repairs. We can save you more on all the maintenance issues you have every day.


24 Hour Support

We Provide 24 Hours Support to our Clients for Emergency Plumbing Services.

Licensed and Insured

All of our Plumbing Team Members are fully licensed, bonded and insured.

Reputable Company

Operating for more than 25 years, earning a reputation for service and beautiful work.

Free Quote & Estimate

We offer free Estimate for our services, and will provide you with an actual quote.


I had 2 root intrusions in the sewage pipe under my front lawn. Jon and his team assessed the situation to see if we could use the newer pipe liner solution, cleaned the roots out of the pipe for a good price (so I could use the house in the short term), and gave me a great price for the work as well! I will definitely be using them as my plumber from now on and also recommending them to my neighbors!

-Kerensa L

I had my AC unit go out last week on a 97' day. A friend of mine referred me to 1stop Mechanical INC. Bob and Jon were able to come out that same day to take a look at my AC unit. They weren't even at my house for 15 minutes when they diagnosed and fixed the problem. Plus, they had the part that was needed on their truck! Bob and John were very knowledgable, trustworthy and professional. I highly recommend 1Stop Mechanical!!

-DeAnne J

They were incredibly nice, did fantastic work, and went above and beyond to make sure I understood exactly what went wrong and what needed to be done to fix it. I can be a bit nervous with these kinds of projects, so the extra time they took explaining was very important to me. 1 Stop Mechanical is an amazing company to work with and they approach their work with honesty and integrity. They will not try to upsell you or oversell their services. They stuck to the proper protocol and even went as far as to make sure that they had the county out to double check the work. I do not have enough good things to say about my experience with this company and I would highly recommend them to anyone!

-Glynis B

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Maintenance issues can occur at any time. So why shouldn’t your repair team remain available when you need them the most?

Choose 1 Stop Mechanical for any repair needs that you have and save more in the process. With experienced technicians and better quality, you won’t find a better repair service than ours.

Call today for your free quote. No one else saves you as much as we do.


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