5 Common Home Plumbing Misconceptions

Your home plumbing is an essential feature of your house. If you’ve ever camped outdoors or experienced a significant plumbing issue, you’ll agree that the convenience that comes with your plumbing system is unmatched. 

Plumbing is a part of every American’s daily life, but shockingly, many don’t understand how their plumbing system work, making it easier to believe myths that could cause significant damage. 

Acting on plumbing misconceptions can introduce issues to your plumbing fixtures or worsen minor plumbing problems. Knowing the basics of how things work will help you better maintain them and steer clear of practices that could leave a dent in your pocket. 

Thus, this article highlights some common plumbing ‘’tips’’ to steer clear of and the best ways to maintain your plumbing systems. 

Home Plumbing System Basics 

Your plumbing system focuses on two areas: 

  • The bathroom
  • The kitchen

The Bathroom Plumbing System

Plumbing fixtures in the bathroom rely heavily on pressure, and the water supply system delivers hot and cold water to the appropriate fixtures. If you notice pressure loss anywhere, call a plumber. 

The Kitchen Plumbing System 

The kitchen’s plumbing system is primarily concealed in the walls. Like in the bathroom system, the supply lines also deliver hot and cold water to the fixtures. In-wall plumbing works are delicate and should be left to experts unless you have sufficient knowledge regarding plumbing repairs. 

Common Plumbing Myths You Should Know the Truth About

Drain Cleaners are Effective and Safe

If they’re branded and sold in stores, it’s easy to assume they are effective and safe, but the reverse might be the case for some products, and drain cleaners are no exception. The harsh chemicals in these products can slowly deteriorate your drainage system. 

You might need medical attention if you splash them on your skin, breathe them in, or get them into your eyes – the same way your drain pipes may need attention in the long run. 

These drain cleaners aren’t so effective either, leading you to try other drain-opening methods. Perhaps you used a plunger after pouring a cleaner down your drain line; the plunger could erupt the product on you. 

If you have any issues with your drains, consider augers and plungers – not drain cleaners. And if the problem persists, contact professional plumbing services for help. 

Flushable Wipes Are Flushable 

Avoid flushing ‘’flushable wipes’’ even though the name clearly states otherwise. Ideally, only biodegradable materials should go down your drains; plastic wrappers, wipes, and other things most people flush aren’t biodegradable. 

Toilet paper breaks down when you flush it; that’s not the case with wipes. They are thicker, hence, don’t decompose, and are one of the leading causes of clogging in most home plumbing systems. 

Remember that something flushes down doesn’t mean it’ll decompose. Reserve your toilets for human waste and toilet paper and dispose of every other thing properly. 

Minor Leaks Are Normal: Don’t Worry About Them

Worry about them! Regarding plumbing, a minor problem might indicate a more significant issue. Contact professional plumbing services for diagnosis and repair if you notice leaking pipes in your water supply system, dripping around your water heater, or a leaking faucet. 

Ignoring signs of fault isn’t a good practice. A leaky faucet or faulty water heater will likely worsen, and significant plumbing repairs aren’t cheap. 

Your home’s plumbing system is critical to the smooth workings of your everyday life. Don’t wait until your water supply system starts malfunctioning before seeking expert help. 

Perhaps you reside in Virginia and need plumbing services or have a plumbing emergency; multiple reputable VA plumbing services, like 1 Stop Mechanical Inc, provide swift and precise services at affordable rates. Call us today at 703 – 491 – 6542.

Pipes Only Freeze When the Heat is Off

If you think losing power is the only way your pipes can freeze, you should check your basement now if you live in a cold region. The truth is even with the heat on; some pipes will freeze.

Pipes running through exterior walls or in areas like the attic or basement that lack much insulation are at risk of freezing. Frozen pipes often cause pipe bursts. Consequently, you experience water damage. 

Pay attention to your pipes, especially in freezing weather. While there are home remedies to address frozen pipes, you must be precise throughout the process or save yourself the stress by contacting plumbing services for help. 

Plumbing Work is Easy: You Can Fix It Yourself

Most homeowners have that tingling sensation prompting them to go the DIY route with repairs around the home. So, you grab your toolbelt, watch a few tutorial videos, and end up calling a plumber and spending more than you would have. 

Many repairs, especially plumbing repairs, are best left to experts, and if you would attempt a fix, be sure you know what you’re doing. 

Plumbing System Maintenance Tips 

Inspect for Leaks Regularly

As your home’s plumbing ages, it begins to develop minor issues. Pipes can corrode and get loose, causing leaks. Water heaters may also leak due to old age or sediment buildup in the water tank. 

Look for leaks, drips, or puddles around fixtures, and monitor your water bills to decipher if there’s a leak problem. But you stay ahead of these issues and save significantly on repairs by regularly inspecting your home plumbing. 

Maintain Your Sewer Lines

Whether you have a private septic tank or your home is connected to the municipal sewer line, regular maintenance will have your drain and sewer lines working properly, saving you the risk of unpleasant surprises like sewer backups. 

Have your plumbing vents checked too, as they’re instrumental in transporting sewer gases away from your drain line. 

Ideally, your sewer lines should be cleaned once in two to three years. If you need a reputable plumbing service, contact 1 Stop Mechanical Inc. at 703 – 491 – 6542. Our company boasts certified plumbers with the proper knowledge and resources, distinguishing us from other plumbing services in Virginia. 

Don’t DIY It. Let Us Help You!

Though plumbing looks straightforward, it’s not as easy as it seems. It takes more than online tutorial videos and amateur recommendations to fix plumbing issues. If you experience any minor or major plumbing issues, contact 1 Stop Mechanical Inc. 

Our services include sewer line repairs and replacement, hydro jetting, residential and commercial plumbing, and HVAC repair. Call us at 703 – 491 – 6542 for reliable and affordable plumbing services. 

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